Tschüssi RD 38, Hallo RD 39

It’s never the easiest thing to do, saying goodbye. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of a residency program and it happens every three months. At that point, there’s no way of knowing who will stay in contact and who will just become part of a wonderful memory. We want to wish round 38 the very best and we bet we’ll see them again. So much love and energy, it seems like that’s a safe bet.

Meanwhile, here are a few memories to cherish til then.

And as the rhythm of the cycle continues, we start the third week of Round 39. Time goes so quickly, especially during the first two weeks. We have already started getting to know them and they are proving to be diverse and cohesive group.

Exhibition venue KKW: check. Welcome BBQ: check. Stasi Museum: check. MdBK: check, Artist presentations: check. Exhibition titles: check.

Here’s a peak at the newbies in action.

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