Caterina Fondelli: making an impact

Art can create community. Each artist comes with their own set of experiences. Independent curator and writer, Caterina Fondelli sees it as her role to bring these voices together so that the echo can reverberate through the onlooker. She is interested in the theme of social impact, and also in local communities. At present she is on the Emerging Curator Program at PILOTENKUECHE in Leipzig, for the next three months.

Diego Philip: Hi Caterina, thank you so much for your time. Let’s start with your cultural and artistic background.

Caterina Fondelli: I started my studies at an art high school. Then I moved to history of art. I got a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages, literature and European artistic cultures. That explains my love for foreign languages, but still, I am more interested in visual art.

Milan was fertile for Caterina

DP: And concerning your projects in Italy and abroad, could you tell us more about them ?

CF: I moved to London, as a Cultural Mediator in 2018. Then, it was high time to make a decision, so I completed a Master degree in Contemporary Art Markets in Milan. While there I had a lot of practical experience through the connections to the local contemporary art scene. Meanwhile, I started writing for some contemporary art magazines, including Juliet and ArtsLife.

Between 2020 and 2022, I worked between Milan and Florence for contemporary art galleries, gaining experience in selecting emerging artists, working on national and international exhibitions and art fairs among the various tasks. In Florence, I specifically covered the role of Exhibition Manager, which consisted of coordinating projects from the very first phase, up to their setting up and communication. Aiming to make my own path, I also attended a course in Curatorial Practices. In June 2022, I founded an independent project called Contemporary Fire, located at my family house in Tuscany. The program includes both exhibitions and art residencies and focuses on the relationship to the natural context and local community.

images by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by Caterina Fondelli

Caterina’s approach as a curator

DP: At present, you are working as a Curator at PK. Can you tell us your approach and give general overview of all the artists ?

CF: Actually, the experience is challenging and exciting at the same time. I have to understand their universe, and create a trusting relationship. Moreover, they come from many different countries in Europe, Argentina, USA, Malaysia… Their mediums are also very different: ceramic, paper, fabric, found objects, etc. In conclusion, the result is a richer and wider experience for me and the viewers.  That is why I am really happy and curious about setting up the exhibitions and the audience’s reactions to them.

What’s next for Caterina?

DP: Finally, Caterina, what are you preparing next, that you want to share with us exclusively?

CF: Sure, so just for you guys, I can tell you that during my time at PILOTENKUECHE in Leipzig, I will also curate a show that opens on May 10th at Bias FLINTA* Projects in Dresden. It stems from the collaboration with Noemi Durighello, who is an Italian artist attending the Hochschule für Bildende Künste there. At the end of my experience in Germany, I am planning to go back to my native Tuscany, in order to continue working on my independent project “Contemporary Fire” for  July, August and September. And in September, I am also curating an exhibition in Turin… But I think I can reveal only these projects for now!

written by Diégo Philip

You can keep up with Catarina on her instagram and website. And find out what’s happening at Contemporary Fire residency on their instagram.


Vernissage 20 May 7-10 PM
Performance 8PM

Alte Handelsschule
Giesserstr 75
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Open Sun 21, Sat 27, Sun 28 May 4-8PM

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