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Therese Lippold: notice the ambiguity

Therese Lippold, based in Halle, works as a media and performance artist. In her work, she explores core questions about the mind-body problem and the relationship between subject and object, with the desire to overcome this dualism. She listens to her thoughts, observing her mind.

looking through the lense

At the tender age of eleven, Therese received a camera, marking the beginning of her artistic journey. She had grown up getting captured by her father’s lens, a practice that likely left an indelible impression on Therese. By the age of 14, the aspiring artist began taking pictures of her friends,  leading her to later explore the world of videography. Entranced by the act of filming and immersing herself in the art of using a camera, Therese’s passion grew. At 19, she expanded her horizons beyond the camera-centric world, doing an intercultural internship in Macedonia. This experience broadened her perspective, shaping her focus when applying to university. With a keen interest in art and education, she drew upon her internship background, where she had honed her skills in conducting workshops with children.

During her studies, Therese found herself occasionally consumed by phenomenological observations. The subtle nuances of everyday sounds—a car door slamming, the gentle clap of a door—would unexpectedly manifest in her mind, sparking creative inspiration. While she acknowledges the potential to transform the minutiae of life into art, the constant fixation didn’t bring her the satisfaction she sought. Therese has since found a more balanced approach to her artistic process. 

photos by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by artist

Therese creates an immersive world

During her university years, Therese enrolled in classes within the media art department,  completing  her first experimental film within the first year of studies. Subsequently, she delved into more video installations, while exploring photography as a complementary pursuit. Therefore photography became akin to a faithful companion, always by her side, although it never emerged as a primary focus.

While working on her installations she aims to build an immersive atmosphere, one that puts the viewer in a sort of trance-like state, fully captivated by the experience. One loses space and time, and she is aware of that. Her work encourages self-reflection while simultaneously drawing your body in.

mind vs. body?

Therese likes to explore how things relate to each other while the camera is connected to these ideas. The central questions revolve around the mind-body problem and the relationship between subject and object, with a desire to overcome this dualism. She captures the movements it describes and translates them into the visible and audible. However, how can one do this without adhering to the distinction between mind and body? One of the fundamental questions within the mind-body problem is the nature of consciousness. On one hand, there are physicalist or materialist views that argue that everything about the mind and consciousness can be explained by physical processes in the brain. In contrast, dualists think that the mind and body are distinct entities, with some theories positing that consciousness is not reducible to physical processes and may exist independently of the body.

Therese emphasizes that currently, there’s a desire for unity between the body and the mind. The clear confusion is apparent. Understanding our internal contradictions is challenging but crucial. Being aware of our inner contradictions is necessary to recognize the ambiguity present in the world. While we were talking she came to the realization that she consistently delved into the concept of dualism. In our discussions, we often simplify things into black and white or good and bad for convenience.

“But nothing is simple.”

However, the idea of ambiguity resonates more with her work and what she seeks to explore.

written by Tess Haverney

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