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Aya Ando: everything is happening now

In the realm of artistic exploration, Aya Ando’s methodology stands as a testament to its vastness. Rooted in narratives stemming from either confusion or doubt, her work prompts a reevaluation of the essence of the tangible. Spanning over a decade, Aya’s journey unfolds through the continuous exploration of sketching and painting on flat surfaces. Embedded within her artistic framework are the recurring themes of ‘creating order from chaos’ and ‘order emerging from chaos’, embodying a duality akin to mythological expressions. These principles serve as the cornerstone of her creative endeavors, subject to relentless experimentation.

From Chaos

The chaos inherent in Aya’s creations is articulated through the assertion of simultaneous beginnings and endings. It challenges the notion of temporal linearity, suggesting that past recollection and future projection are mere illusions concocted by the mind. In her paintings, this cognitive dissonance manifests as dynamic energy, with each stroke and line preserving its unadulterated presence, forming intricate layers upon the surface.

In the world of Aya’s artistry, everything exists in a state of flatness, yet paradoxically encompasses a depth that transcends physical dimensions. Much like the ever-present ‘now’, her canvases offer a glimpse into the entirety of existence, where past, present, and future converge into a singular moment.

Despite the ethereal nature of her subject matter, Aya maintains a firm stance against the portrayal of overly abstract or intangible concepts. Ironically, what I perceived as intangible and abstract finds grounding in her conviction—the intrinsic truth encapsulated within her art and the palpable present she strives to capture.

All at the same moment

Now, you are.

Now you are not.

Now, you haven’t been born.

Now you are just born.

Now you are dead.

Now you are reading this sentence.  

How can you feel that the past and the future are happening now?

Here is a memory of when my grandfather and I went into the forest to cut wood for fire. 

My grandfather used an electric saw to cut up the tree in one fell swoop, and the tree fell over. I ran up to the stump and put my cheek against the annual ring that had just appeared. Then suddenly I felt the energy of the tree. 

The tree had been cut down a second earlier and three-quarters of its body was already gone, but the stump was still feeling it’s original shape. It was feeling the individual leaves on the ends of its branches, still sending energy to every corner of the former self. The image of the whole tree ran through my body like lightning.  

I hastily released my cheek.

The whole experience was a matter of two seconds. 

My cheek, which had touched the stump, became part of the tree, caught up in its energy. There was matter in that space. The memory of the tree was certainly there. Even though the tree had already been cut down, the presence of the cut part was still there. This experience has made me question the structure of time, and I believe that the past and the future exist in the present.

images by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by artist


Aya dissolves the boundaries 

In the grand tapestry of existence, we are all composed of the same elemental fabric, unified in our essence. Yet, as we traverse the intricate web of interpersonal connections, we come to grasp the rich tapestry of diverse lives lived by others. Aya, driven by an insatiable curiosity, tirelessly endeavors to unravel the barriers that delineate these varied life experiences, all stemming from the common material of existence.

Strolling through the bustling streets, Aya often finds herself enveloped in a wistful melancholy. The sight of a softly illuminated room, with its occupants engaged in their own affairs, triggers an inexplicable introspection about her own corporeal being. Each individual, encapsulated within their own instrumental body, experiences a profound sense of separation.

Aya’s quest for understanding transcends temporal and spatial boundaries, seeking to reconcile the disparate fragments of existence housed within each individual. With each uttered word, she conjures visions of boundless expansion within the confines of isolated spaces, imbued with an aura of mystique and wonder.

Eternal Space

The relentless pursuit to expand the confines of our physical realm persists, as Aya harnesses a sculptural sensibility to amplify the spatial dimensions through the reflective medium of mirrors. Yet, amidst this quest for infinite expanse, her installation work serves as a poignant reminder of the ephemeral nature of perception.

Though the expansion may seem boundless, the mirrored chamber ultimately belies its artificiality. Rather than shunning the passage of time, it serves as a timeless reflection of the present moment. Like ephemeral bubbles swiftly expanding and dissipating, the illusions of expansion are laid bare in the fleeting instance of their dissolution. 

“You are me, I am you. The past, now, future, is happening at the same time.”

Written by Boram Choi

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