Atom Pavarit: voice for freedom

Freedom is a right, not a privilege – or is it? In his art, Atom Pavarit navigates this idea. As a young Thai artist, he has firsthand experience of not being allowed freedom of speech without fear of being repressed by the government. The artist wants to encourage creators to be honest and to have a safe space to voice their opinions . “Thai Artists should be able to express themselves freely without being accompanied by police or soldiers and without the feeling of paranoia.” 

 An independent space  

Atom believes art is a tool where anything can be expressed, from feelings and emotions to being a historical document and giving a voice to others. It also can play a big role in society and it is able to spur major changes.

Artists in Thailand are taught, even inside university, to not take sides, to remain pollitically neutral. In Art Lane 2020 Atom launched an upon call where more than a hundred pieces of work where submitted. As a free space platform, everyone was welcome to participate: professional artists and students alike. It was a space where Thai artists could reflect on past events, especially protests, where police brutality leading to missing and dead people took place. This was already an important step. It hadn’t even been talked about before. “… it was like the liberation of people who are oppressed in society”.

images by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by artist 

Atom has been painting ever since he can remember. It used to be a bonding activity he would share with his dad, as he himself studied art as well. He loved to paint and spent time with his father. Even though his commitment to art is outstanding, his humbleness is even bigger. “I don’t know if I can call myself an artist,” he shares. Nonetheless he works on art every day from afternoon to midnight.  

Atom’s fondness of uncertainty 

His work is unexpected. Not even he can tell what his pieces will turn out to be, and he loves that. He considers his work as a semi-experiment.  Atom will joggle with new ideas at every step of the process. His path through PILOTENKUECHE, won’t be any different. He will combine his personal experiences with historical events that took place in Germany to create his next project. 

Written by Sarah Boada

You can keep up with Atom at  his website or catch up with him at one of our upcoming shows.


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