Almost Tension: preview

It’s building. Do you feel it? The Tension is palpable.

The artists of Round 42 have come from all over the world to experience and create. We are rearranging space, sound and time to show you some of what is evolving. We invite you to see from our eyes.

Almost Tension

The experience of tension can be found from within or beyond the self.

Almost Tension will explore the concept of tension from the perspective of the internal and the external. The paintings, installations, sculptures, and performance art in this exhibition plays with the idea that art, an external force, can create a contemplative and/or disruptive experience.

Mental vs Physical.
Silence vs. Sound.
Light vs. Shadow.
Absurdity vs. Seriousness

Through these opposing notions, among many others, the artists will bring us into the space of the “almost.” It is there, the moment before the tension is realised that will leave us to decide if the tension is from within or without.

text by curator Jazmin Soria

Almost Tension

Sat 29 Feb 2020

duration performance Sarah Bild
sound performance Tomas Nuñez

Geisserstr 75
04229 Leipzig

Sun 1 Mar, Thur 5 – Sat 7 Mar

International Artists:

Tomas Nuñez (AU)
Maria Kubysh (CA)
Audrey Newton (AU)
Jacqueline Huskisson (CA)
Austin Turley (US)
Margo van Rooyen (ZA)
Isobel Francisco (PH)
Ilana Pichon (CA, CH)
Sarah Bild (CA)
Denise Holland (CA)

Local Artists:

Shaima Dief (EG)
Philipp Orlowski (DE)

Jazmin Soria (US)


Maayan Moskona (IL)
Rosie Shackleton (UK)
Natacha Martins (PT)