Julianne Csapo is PK’s new Administrative Director

PK is happy to announce that from round 40, Julianne Csapo will replace Martin Holz as Administrative Director. When she talks about Pilotenkueche, Julianne’s eyes light up. “I”ve known about PK for almost 10 years now. I’ve always followed it with curiosity because it´s a special place. It´s so necessary for artists to find such a active and activating surrounding.“ 

Julianne is referring to an “active surrounding” in the way that Hannah Arendt talks about in her book, The Human Condition. In the 1958 publication, Arendt distinguishes three sorts of human activities: labor, work and action. Action is the means by which we distinguish ourselves from others as unique and unexchangeable beings. “I always thought she was speaking about artists!“ Julianne laughs. ” A surrounding that provides action in this sense is rare. And it is so essential for artists because of all the suffering and fears they usually have to face. I’ve always tried to realize a place where art happens, not only where pieces are produced.“ 

photos by PILOTENKUECHE or courtesy of artist

Currently Julianne runs a fantastic group atelier that hosts events, like performances, exhibitions or talks by outside artists. During her studies in the class of  prof. Ulrike Grossarth, she participated in organizing several events that had a large impact in the city.

Julianne was born in Bucuresti, Romania and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. A true European, her family heritage includes four nationalities and her upbringing, a mix of Judaism, Catholicism, Communism, Atheism and science. This clash of belief systems and cultures made her see very early how inspiring it could be to bring different people with diverse backgrounds together.

We look forward to seeing the direction Pilotenkueche will take under Julianne’s leadership. PK says welcome!


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