Artist Spotlight: Lily Cummins

In this series, we present artists currently working in our studio. Today, we introduce you to Lily Cummins.

Australian artist Lily Cummins works with a combination of abstract and recognisable forms, questioning the idea of representation and creating a dream-like patchwork of memory.

Since coming to Pilotenkueche her way of working has changed. Away from her previously muted palette she is now experimenting with striking combinations of sickly yellows, greens and pinks; colour that reject the obvious harmony within art but still work in their own approach. Her work seems to have an ambiguous narrative, conceived through repeated forms and structures. The text, characters and settings are all aspects which the viewer can relate to, but simultaneously struggles to make sense of; as though trying to recall a memory. 

All photos by Pilotenkueche

Similar to how memories are erased or distorted, her work explores a similar process. Figures are drawn and then redrawn, text written only to be crossed out and painted over leaving it barely legible to the viewer. “When you look back on a memory it’s not always clear,” she mentions, “I have a cat at home, so currently the cat is a strong image,” where as human figures in her work can appear anonymous, perhaps something more distant.

As well as creating work for the final show, Cummins has been selected (along with two other residents) to exhibit in our smaller group exhibition at Ping Pong – Architecture of Experience. For this, she is hoping to continue with her smaller works to create an accumulative install, presenting a new body that will stand out against her previous larger scale work. 


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Lily Cummins

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