Stefan Weich: charting vibrations

Nothing is constant. Everything, including us, is made up of particles in motion. According to string theory, those particles can be broken down into tiny vibrating strings of energy. Imagine a video of a vibrating guitar string. You know there is sound even with the volume turned all the way down. What if there is no absolute silence? Through the medium of paint, US artist and musician Stefan Weich becomes a conduit for the motion of the natural world around him, “a filter capable of reworking perceived sensations” 

Reflecting vibrations

The creativity of Los Angeles-born Stefan Weich spans across many fields. Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and professional soundtrack creator, his passion for painting developed when he attended SAIC. The artist expanded his boundaries for his artistic research, allowing himself to be inspired by the physical world. Chicago was a new landscape with a plethora of external stimuli.

images by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by artist

Specifically, Stefan reproduces the waves caused by kinetic energy. In this way, he manages to make visible what our eyes are not allowed to observe. He stores the vibrations from his surroundings and reworks them. What results is something resembling a web of three-dimensional sound waves. Sinuous and undulating lines intertwine. The bright, joyful colours that burst onto the canvas are a direct expression of the artist’s personal world.

Sound Waves

The creative process is preceded by profound preparatory study. Sketches, research and tests serve as models for the final creation. The balance is the artist’s point of reference and point of arrival. Thus, the work can be considered completed when a balance is achieved between the sensations reworked from nature, the lines derived from sound and the powerful colours.


written by Alessio Tassi and maeshelle west-davies


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