REVIEW: Reset unsettling flesh layers

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our vernissage at Alte Handelsschule Friday 15 November and thank you to those who came back for a second look when it was not so crowded or came to see the works during our open times. We, at PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program are very happy to engage with the local community and the artists were thrilled to meet you. We were especially moved by Amazonian artist, Ingrid Pumayalla. The smoke from burning Palo Santo entered the space as the shamanic creature made its way through the room. This was not a menacing creature, but one conjured to protect. She sang, “My grandmother has a secret. There is gold and silver hidden beneath the earth.” As the treasure is discovered, her voice grows fainter and fainter.

We are equally excited about the final show of Round 41, Overwhelmed Incorporeal Happiness that will open at PILOTENKUECHE on Saturday 14 of December. We are very much looking forward to the performance of WIR SIND ES SELBST.

Overwhelmed incorporeal happiness

Sat 14 Dec
20 Uhr peformance by

Sun 15 Dec/Tue 17 Dec/Wed 18 Dec

Franz-Flemming-Str 9

PK RD41 International Artists

Wim Warrink (NL)
Daniel Domingo Schweitzer (ES)
Natacha Martins (PT)
Tamara Jacquin (ES/CL)
Travis D. Hendrix (AU)
David Elias Schilling (DE/ AT)
Cecilia Klementsson (SE)
Ingrid Pumayalla (PE) 
Alison Hui (HK)
Mirjam Bürer (NL)
mgmn (LT)
Daniela Trinkl (AT)

PK RD41 Leipzig Artists

Nora Manthei
Lucy Koenig

Patricia Brien (AU/UK)

Agnes Deruma 
Elnaz Mostaan