collaborate, engage, be inspired, share ideas and concepts

PILOTENKUECHE Online Residency Program gives artists the opportunity to engage online with a global community of artists. Selected artists from various disciplines are invited to participate in the task and discussion based program which includes sessions with experts on topics that expand artist experience. We want to create a space for experimentation with formats and strategies. The fact that artists are potentially on different continents will not impede the possibility of collaborating with each other.

exhibit in both worlds

Artists’ work will be shown to a wider community digitally and in analog.  Content produced will be shown at the Performance Festival BLAUVERSCHIEBUNG at Galerie KUB, presented on our website, pktv and IGTV. In summer we will have a curated exhibition of 8-10 artists at Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig digital art museum. Only artists who have participated in the online residency will be eligible to submit pieces for possible inclusion.

Each participant will also be interviewed and a well-written piece will be published on our website.

what we offer

-6 week online residency
-2 sessions per week
-9 hours with experts
-task and discussion
-published interview
-exhibition at Galerie KUB
-pktv, IGTV
-chance of being in curated summer show at KKW

what we expect from artists

-attend sessions
-time and space for reflection
-time to complete tasks
-participatory attitude
-stable internet
-access to video editing program
-willingness to experiment 
-open to show incomplete or drafts in sessions
-work from own space
-provide own materials



We provide all necessary documents for artists to apply for funding.


PKOR #3 runs 7 June – 16 July 2021

PKOR #3 focuses on performance art. Do we perform being an artist? What could be a daily practice? What does joy mean in our art?

expert sessions

Performance Art, free your soul / Tessa Theissen

Tessa is interested in  visceral sensibility, touch and care within different artistic practices and the specific kind of knowledge they produce. She has Master Degrees in Theatre Studies and Choreography and Performance. She is currently teaching Theatre Studies at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. 

Read about Tessa in the article written by our Remote Culture Journalism intern, Ben Gosling.

find connection / Jacqueline van de Geer

Jacqueline van de Geer is a Montreal-based artist working primarily in performance. Hailing from the Netherlands, where she studied visual and performance art, her current practice is inspired by literature, mythology, history and personal memory. Since her arrival to Montreal in 2005, her performative actions have combined performance, object theatre, devised theatre, dance, movement, multi disciplinary and integrated arts. 

Collective creation is an important part of her practice, and this philosophy informs her work both with fellow artistic collaborators as well as with her audiences. As such, developing strong connections with viewers is elemental: her performances offer many the opportunity to become active participants, with these spontaneous exchanges becoming an integral part of her pieces. Intimacy and surprise then surface as key components in her work, facets that irresistibly draw her audiences in.

Mixing performance art with experimental theatre, and always working intuitively, sometimes online, her non-linear storytelling is infused with dark humor, absurdity and irony. Slipping seamlessly between these varying modes, the result is an evocative hybrid form coming from a uniquely refreshing voice.

She has performed with several Montreal companies including Le Pont Bridge, Joe, Jack and John, Nervous Hunter and Mobile Home amongst others and presented solo performances in for instance Rotterdam, Montreal, Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Roubaix, Rotterdam, Norway, Cyprus, Rennes, Wakefield and Harrisonburg. She often feels blessed.

Write on! / Elizabeth Gerdemann 

The session with interdisciplinary visual artist Elizabeth Gerdeman focuses on the different ways that writing and language are deeply implicated in creative practice and the task of the contemporary artist to engage others on an international scale. The course will consist of discussions on various professional practice issues and engagement in writing exercises and presentations.

Elizabeth  is a visual artist from the USA currently based in Germany. She has a Masters in Fine Art and a Certificate of Interdisciplinary Specialization in Art History and Social Geography. Recent exhibition venues for her work include the Modern Art Museum in Yerevan, Armenia; Athens Digital Arts Festival in Athens, Greece; (Z)ORTEN in Graubünden, Switzerland; Else Foundation Symposium in Mexico City, Mexico; site-specific interventions in Venice, Italy; Hammond Harkins Galleries in Columbus, USA; and Бükü, Helmut, and BSMNT galleries in Leipzig, Germany. Having taught in universities since 2008, she currently lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig where she gives a off and online seminar course offered to all students in the Diploma and Meisterschüler Programmes.

Read about Elizabeth in the article written by our Remote Culture Journalism intern, Ben Gosling.

PK team

Julianne Csapo / PK Executive Director

Julianne has been the Executive Director of the PK since July 2019. She studied sculpture and comprehensive artistic practice at hfbk Dresden and is always on the verge of expanding the concept of art. Her main interest is in art as an activity and its exciting implications. She has exhibited at the Kunsthaus Dresden and the MdBK Leipzig. She has given performative lectures at the University of Leipzig, Hellerau, the European Center for the Arts and the Staatstheater Dresden and is a founding member of the Kunstraum GYM

maeshelle west-davies / PK Artistic Director / Coordinator

maeshelle has been at PK since 2018. Interdisciplinary artist, curator and culture writer, her practice involves the careful reduction of chaos produced from meticulous field study. It is important to her that the general public see her pieces. In Leipzig, she has exhibited in various locations including Museum of Fine Arts (MdBK), Galerie KUB, D-21 as well as public art installation in front of the Opera, interactive performance and installation at Westpacket and participated in Lichtspiel des Westens and, of course, online. For nearly 20 years she has been working on exhibitions and art projects of multiple types in Germany, Denmark, England, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Portugal and the USA.

application deadline 31 May 2021

portfolio CV/bio PDF

click here for online form

PKOR #1 took place from 05. Jan – 12 Feb

PKOR #2 runs 16 Feb – 26 March 2020

PKOR #1 & #2 focus on Video-art. Václav-Karel Harsa shared his knowledge with us as our expert :

Ready, steady, shoot / Václav-Karel Harsa

Freelance filmmaker and media artist  Vaclav-Karel Harsa was born in Prague in 1979. He has taught film editing and montage at the Chair of Experimental Television at the Bauhaus University Weimar where he is currently working on his Doctorate. His project, under the working title, “The perspective dispersive film screen and the new possibilities of cinematic narration and reception arising from it”, explores the narrative and receptive qualities of a newly materialized film screen and sees itself as a contribution to the current discourse on film screens and displays.

Vaclav’s theoretical work is based on Vilém Flusser’s point of view that the cinema screen is representative of the individual’s current relation to the world. Through the expansion and renewal of the cinema screen and its narrative and receptive qualities, a new process of mediation between the reflected individual and his or her reference to the world is initiated.

Read about Václav in the article written by our Remote Culture Journalism intern, Costanza Tagliaferri .