Lóa Sunnudóttir: Forgotten objects

Drawn to the idea of small spaces inhabited by tina creatures, Lóa Sunnudóttir’s works merge a mythological perspective of the world with the one she finds herself in. The “toys” she picks up from the street become alive at night. “Once you confront and acknowledge your fears, the spirits no longer hold power over you,” says Lóa. The small hollow objects are nothing less than a home for petite beings hiding from human view. Growing up, Lóa found herself compelled by imaginative play and storytelling, laying the foundation for her artistic path. Everything started from building forts from chairs, pillows and fabric. Later the playful narration evolved into art.  The room was replaced by the white cube and the created structures became installation. 

The urge behind the narration

Moving abroad to study led Lóa to experience the first feeling of being homesick. This shaped the main narrative in her further work. The viewer can observe how the materials, therefore the way of dealing with this sentiment, transform throughout the path. The beginning was tender and fragile. The light and airy materials metamorphosed into something more rough and rugged. The vivd colors of Lóa’s first works have faded into a rather grey palette. 

images by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by artist

The first work that can be translated as “Dust” represents the literal accumulation of memories: not necessarily owned by Lóa but rather obtained by her. The artist found herself collecting old forsaken objects that had lost their significance to the previous owner and appeared to have a new meaning in the hands of the creator. She creates a new narrative for them, imagines how it would be to dwell inside, finding a shelter. Through these objects she elaborates the new chronicle. Who was the owner? How they treated their possessions and how they abandoned them.

Lóa’s metamorphosed methods

The urge behind gathering pre-used objects was to fulfil the notion of safe space or “home”. After the experience of moving to the Netherlands, later to Belgium and currently to Germany, the artist has converted the concept of home to the mobile composition of three items: Matryoshka, sea shells and some feathers from the former bird of Lóa. 

During the residency, Lóa wants to elaborate on the topic of nomadic life. The years of work dedicated to seeking the concept of safe space and home have led to the current theme of nomadic life. The artist shifts the subject of harbours in the portless city of Leipzig. Exploring various textures and materials, she creates objects that initially resemble buoys but upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be an extended interpretation of the living spaces found on boats.

The vessel works as a lodging for people who can not satisfy the permanent definition of home. Wanderers who are fulfilling the understanding of home through containing three items and the mythical creatures who are living in the buoys and protecting the vagabonds.  

Written by Lisa Savchuk


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