Garth William Howells at PILOTENKUECHE

Garth William Howells: Mystery of Memory

“All of my paintings revolve around memory.”

Painting, as the ultimate medium, undergoes infinite evolution and change, yet still remains. Through his strokes, Garth William Howells invites us to delve into the depths of memory construction. Time, moment, and feeling act as fuel, igniting an endless power within each brushstroke/movement/piece of his work.

personal and universal at the same time 

The representational works Garth creates are an intimate reflection of his experiences, bound by the thread of emotion. Delving into memories, narratives, and the everyday, his art encapsulates the ebb and flow of existence. Through his paintings, the artist distills the universal essence of these personal moments, inviting viewers to connect on a shared human level.

Although the painting may be about something I have experienced, I see them as universal.. We all go through similar ups and downs in our lives and we can all relate empathetically to the experiences of others.

Compared to other mediums painting has the unique ability  to convey emotion. Delving into the layers of paint, Garth harnesses the richness that lies within. Each layer, a narrative in itself, contributes to the depth and complexity of the final piece. The ever-changing interplay of colors, a dance of emotions on canvas, becomes a universal chronicle of the artist’s inner journey.

from lens to brush

“When my snapshots are painted, they become a memory. They become something you stand in front of and consider rather than being swiped past and existing only in the gallery of my smartphone.

In the realm of artistic expression, Garth stands as a contemporary explorer, navigating the intricate bridge that connects the worlds of photography and painting. His creative odyssey delves into the captivating interplay between these two mediums, unraveling the nuanced threads that tie a frozen moment captured through a lens to the vivid strokes of a painter’s brush.

images by PILOTENKUECHE  or supplied by the artist

The distinction between a photograph and a painting, connection between the final piece and a reference – are the topics which Garth explores through his art. A snapshot, frozen in time, is imbued with personal connections unique to those who gaze upon it. The associations and emotions woven into these images are distinct from the context of a painting, which often resides within a realm of ideas. In the painted world, subjects become icons, and the environment transforms into an open canvas where meaning constantly evolves.

His works Carpenters Are Pretentious, None Of Them Understand The Arts,  Google it, The Night Game and Horse Riding, are a treasure trove of his technical research, a mesmerizing journey through the artist’s stages of creation and becoming.

beyond enjoying

In his recent series Beyond Enjoying Garth delves into the essence of modern existence by unveiling glimpses and fragments of fleeting moments. The pieces exude a touch of melancholy, inviting the observer to contemplate the mysteries hidden beneath the surface. It’s as if something significant is unfolding within the painting, yet it remains just beyond reach.

written by Elizaveta Bazhkova

Keep up to date with Garth via his website or Instagram.

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