Deeply Pelusa Life: through new eyes

In the morning when the crane opened his eyes he looked around. He realized he was standing on one foot alone in the center of a beautiful pond. The water was so still that it looked like a mirror. The bird looked down and realized that he was not alone when he saw his own reflection. Everything around was so familiar and dear to him. The whole world felt like home. He paid attention to the sounds, smells, and temperature as if they were his orienteers. His life was full of mystical logic and supernatural events.

However, in order to survive, he had to take care of himself. Suddenly a deafening buzzing sound appeared in the sky, from childhood he knew that was the sound of a large swarm of bees when they were coming to attack. That was how his brother had passed away. He did not know that it was just an airplane passing by.

Pelusa’s dream in a dream

The bird was so frightened that he awakened with a jolt to find she was a cat named Pelusa. Pelusa loved her human friend Marco. She needed to find him in order to be fed and play. She ran around the house full of colorful objects and sounds. They seemed to have come from different parts of the world and looked nothing alike. Pelusa did not know much about geography and country borders made little sense to her. One concept she did understand was shared time and space. She knew how to have fun with friends and dance to music together. In these moments she often forgot that some of don’t even speak cat language. But in her dream, of course, everyone could understand each other. She generally believed that using words closed interpretations.



Like music, visual language allows us to connect on deeper levels in shared experiences. For example, the mural of water by Shanna Zentner speaks of the emotional labor that is commonly expected to be done by women worldwide. In Maddox Pratt’s durational performance and installation, the stones refer to the weight many people are cursed to carry due to their fragile bodies. When you see Linus Clostermann’s creature, you are taken back in time million years, bringing associations from many different natural elements.

Examining reality is what we’re used to doing on a daily basis. Haim Levac’s painting is a perfect example of looking everyday events from multiple angles. Kateryna Bortsova sees between the lines in her paintings which highlight duality.Yana Jiao feels strange similarities between Leipzig and her hometown in China. Joongok Kim feels dogs are just like people.

Reality vs dreams

What if we were to examine our dreams the same way we thought of our day each night before we fall asleep. Maybe seeing a magical being through the woods like in Ilona Za Kuzniatsova’s work would be a regular event. It could be the same with a little white rabbit running through the field from Jessie Asselman’s painting. Seeing a huge green face in the sky made by Martin Ziegler would answer or create some deep questions. Perhaps it would be possible to capture properties of past, present and future in human relationships like Mar Ripoll does in her layers of paint and resin. Or we could decypher the code that plays in the broken radio in Anna Sopova’s installation.


It is interesting to experience reality in portions and compare our stories. Seeing how everything is interconnected by space and time can be a wild experience.

When Pelusa finally woke up, she thought to herself, “What a dream my life is and I’m living it!”

written by Atex

Deeply Pelusa Life

Sat 20 Aug 

The Body Resides in Brittany
durational performance by
Maddox Pratt

Mon  22 – Thur 25 Aug

Alte Handelsschule
Giesserstr 75

ROUND 52 // July – Sept 2022

International Residents:
Jesse Asselman (NL)
Ilona Za Kuzniatsova (BY/CY)
Mar Ripoll  (ES)
Joongok Kim (KO)
Maddox Pratt (US/DE)
Shanna Zentner (US)
Haim Levac (IL)
Celine Ordioni (US)
Kateryna Bortsova (UA)
Yana Jiao (CN)

Local Participants:
Linus Clostermann (DE)
Martin Ziegler (DE)

Marco Valtierra (MX)

International Interns:
Kat Lafferty (IR)
Emma Arrivati (IT)
Atex (RU)

Graphic Design:
Enrica Lamia (IT)

next show:

Dreamy Cube Curve

Sat 17 Sept 7PM

Performance 8PM
I am where you are

18, 20, 21 Sept

Franz-Flemming-Str 9