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Raffaella Matrone at PILOTENKUECHE

Raffaella Matrone: orchestra in flux

According to Italian curator Raffaella Matrone, “Curation is like managing an orchestra. I am the director and I have my sheet music in front of me, but I also have a lot of talented musicians in front of me. I just guide them.” 

Raffaella has an ear on each and every “instrument” at any given moment. Being able to adapt quickly is something she thrives on. Space and identity, in the context of migration and psychology, are her main points of interest. Currently based in London, she also writes texts for exhibitions, catalogs and websites for artists such as Eva Chiara Trevisan.

Recently I had the chance to sit down and talk with Raffaella about how she moves in the field of curation.

Italian cultural heritage overload

KA: How did you find your way in art curation?
RM: I started curating in 2016 with the Nomad platform, a cultural organization based in Zagreb which supports Croatian artists in their development. I’ve always wanted to do something creative or artistic and been interested in the history of art. In Italy there is so much cultural heritage that sometimes we don’t really know what to do with it, and contemporary artists get pushed to the side, which is not fair for the artists of today. I am interested in trying to work towards the future and for today, as we are living in the present.

Do you feel your goal in art curation is still the same as it was in the beginning, or has it changed over time?
I feel my goals are still the same as they were in the beginning. At the same time, I feel everything is in flux, which means readjusting the goals or the methodologies. I try to adapt to what’s happening in the present. Moreover, the more experience I gain and understanding of various parts of the Art World, I reckon the goals evolve with me. In general, I strive to be as fair as possible towards the people and artists I work with, and realistic towards what my goals and intentions are, as well as what can be done in that moment with the tools that I have.

Raffaella believes in working together

How would you define yourself in the curatorial field?
There’s always competition between curators, which sometimes really kills the creative process and the beauty of it. I feel like we all are special. Why would you try to be like someone else? I think it’s better do what I believe in and work with people I believe in and who trust me, which is also very important. And then we work together as a team.

images by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by the curator

Do you have a specific strategy of acquiring artists to curate or is it more serendipitous?
I would say it’s more of a flow. When I think about all the artists I work with or even the other curators, I think the way I met them has been random. For me, it’s a bit easier just to strike up a conversation and engage with the person before I talk to the artist and then taking it from there.

How do you see the connection between your curatorial practice and your residency at PILOTENKUECHE? 
I am interested in bridging cultures and fostering international dialogue, as well as supporting and collaborating with contemporary artists. I believe that conversations and exchanges are production of knowledge, therefore being able to travel and meet people from various parts of the world is very important for my practice. For me, PILOTENKUECHE is an opportunity to meet new artists and curators, build new networks and immerse myself in a different environment both socially and artistically. I am also excited to be in Leipzig and know more about the past of the city.

Raffaella suggests

Would you like to give a message to other artists/curators/viewers?
Artists – just do your thing.
Viewers – even asking “Why did it give me nothing?” is valid. try to not discard the artwork because of its aesthetics.
Curators – more collaboration, exchange & teamwork.


written by Kintija Avena

Keep up with Raffaella on her website and instagram or come to our upcoming shows.

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