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work internship at PILOTENKUECHE

By Omar Chenafi

As a participant of the 2015 Goethe Institut Cultural Management Program for the Midde East North Africa (MENA) region, I was grateful to spend a week internship at PILOTENKUECHE last September 2015. Despite my short stay, I was able to gain some insight and appreciation of the international artist residency program in Leipzig, interact with the artists and be able to get an insider view of the way in which this unique residency program is organized and managed.

All photos are taken by Omar Chenafi

From the outset of my internship, I was able to exchange with the artists and the organizers and that provided me with a global understanding of PILOTENKUECHE, the way in which most artist residencies operate and the German cultural scene. I was above all most drawn to the organic and fluid way in which artists were able to work either individually and as a group and to find their own ways of interchanging within their spaces and artistic practices. It was as one had to negotiate a space within a larger space with all the nuances that comes with that.

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