PILOTENKUECHE // international art program

Franz-Flemming-Str. 9
2nd floor
D-04179 Leipzig

open Monday, Tuesday, Friday 
11:00h – 15:00h
& by agreement

on facebook

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4 thoughts on “contact

  1. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

    Dear John,

    we got back to you per e-mail.

    PILOTENKUECHE | Martin Holz

  2. John Adams

    Hi my name is John Adams, I am an Irish artist, (painter) I am very interested in coming to work in your beautiful studios. I have never been to Germany but always wanted to go. I guess there are much better opportunities for artists in Germany which is another reason I am interested to go to Germany.
    I wonder if you can just outline the procedure for applying or forward me an application please.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,
    John Adams

  3. Susan Wolf


    I just came across your international residency opportunities. It looks like a wonderful program and I am very interested in applying for a period this winter/spring session (Feb-May). I noticed however that the date of application was yesterday, Nov 15. Is it still possible to apply for this period if I get an application in this week? Are the reviews ongoing or have I missed that window?

    Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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