FOUNDER // 2007
Christoph Mayer (Mixed Media; Vienna, Germany)

DIRECTORS // from 2007 – 2015
Christoph Mayer (Mixed Media; Vienna, Germany)
Hendrik Voerkel (Painter; Leipzig, Germany)
Friday Mickel (Berlin, Germany)
Martin Lytke (2012 – 2014)
Martin Holz (January 2015)

THE PK-TEAM // from 2015
The project PILOTENKUECHE won’t be managed by one director anymore. The non-profit institution is organized by artists for artists. The team operates with a transdisciplinarily background between art, theory & diverse sciences. All tasks and ideas are achieved by them. Any member participates as equals on all parts of the project. This dedication shall also give an impulse for ideas of an alternative management. You find them here.

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