ARTISTS // international & local guest artists
Anne Amelang (Mixed Media; Berlin, Germany)
Christoph Both-Asmus (Mixed Media; Berlin, Germany)

Hannah Felsen (Photographer; Berlin, Germany)
HYSTERESIS (Artist & Performance group; UK) and on facebook
Immanuel Rohringer (Performer; Berlin, Germany)
Ines Lucines (Painter; Leipzig, Germany)
Martin Paul Müller (Painter; Dresden, Germany)
Martin Schuster (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Mikiko Fujita (Painter & Illustrator; Leipzig, Germany)
Nadine Karl (Artist; Leipzig, Germany)
Norihiro Usui (Painter; Leipzig, Germany, London, UK & Japan)
Rafael Herrmann (Mixed Media, Painter; Leipzig, Germany & Swiss) 

Sébastien Kauffmann (Photography, Installation; Colmar, France; Leipzig, Germany)
Willy Le Nalbaut (Painting, Video, installation; Brussels, Belgium, France)

PERFORMER // international & local guest performer
Ando Saori (Performance; Osaka, Japan)
Gunhild Kreuzer (Installation, Performance; Berlin, Germany)
(Artist & Performance group; UK) and on facebook
Nadine Karl (Artist; Leipzig, Germany)

Simon Adam Peter (Painter & Performer; Leipzig, Germany)
Theresa Rothe (Dresden, Germany)
Zora Aroz (Artist; Leipzig, Germany)

LITERATURE // international & local guest authors
Artur Krutsch (Author; Leipzig, Germany)
Lara Rüter (Author; Leipzig, Germany)
Michael Fiedler (Author, Leipzig)

Michael Spyra (Author, Leipzig)
Roman Israel (Author, Leipzig)

Stephan Seidel (Author; Leipzig, Germany)
Thomas Böhme (Author, Leipzig), on Poetenladen, on Galrev and on Literaturport
Tim Holland (Author, Leipzig)
Ulrike Felbig (Author, Leipzig)

MUSIC // international & local guest musicians
Bernhardt (Musician; Leipzig, Germany)
Fabian (Noise / Independent; Leipzig, Germany)
Le Grande Nada (Noise / Independent; Leipzig & Halle, Germany)
The Splendid Ghetto Pipers (Electronic & Drones; Greifswald, Germany)
Hansen_Windisch (Electronic, Synth, Voice; Leipzig, Germany)

Huey Walker (Electronic & Drones; Greifswald, Germany)
(Artist & Performance group; UK) and on facebook
Syncboy (Musician; Leipzig, Germany)
Warriors of Darkness (Noise, Synth, Punk; Leipzig & Halle)

DISCO TOTALIS (Leipzig, Germany)
DJ Johann (Leipzig, Germany)
Gloria Howl (DJ; Leipzig, Germany)

Suit Kei (Leipzig, Germany & Rome, Italia)


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