PKRD 48 Airy Democratic Spirituality vernissage PK at Alte Handlesschule 20.08.21 Fanni Papp for PK

Airy Democratic Spirituality: voices heard

It was not quiet for Airy Democratic Spirituality on Friday. There were plenty of voices. Some were happy to see old friends after a very long time. Others were making new ones. The majority were giving voice to the pieces in the room. The energy was definitely one of positivity. 

Wiping biases from our minds, we let them slide over our shoulders as we shrug. A fresh breeze makes us shiver. We feel the vast plain of negotiation and refocus our attention on the abundance around us.

Airy democratic spirituality

How promising it sounds.

Airy, like the fresh air on the top of a friendly mountain, with a clear sky and a marvelous view.

Airy democracy, like freedom of choice, with prudent negotiations, based on the rules of human rights, valid for each and everyone, without any exception.

Airy democratic spirituality, gaining meaning from differences between beings, celebrating the diversity of life with rituals and high holidays.

Calling a spade a spade: Democracy is a belief. It is based on the will to believe, that every person needs to be heard, has the right to speak, and is responsible for their choices. A democratic culture is always diverse, because people’s needs are different, and they will change and evolve.

Maybe a Totalitarian symbol needs to impress and scare, showing strength and the lack of alternatives, what characteristics should a democratic, an airy democratic spiritual symbol have?

Maybe it needs to be flexible, out of textile, ever-changing form and constitution, floating, correlating with the physical and social surrounding.

Enjoy this exhibition that gathers different kinds of thoughts about fabric, through clothing, flags, reenactment, and the new accessories we wear on our faces. It covers and protects our bodies, social and aesthetic strategies, and creates utopian landscapes.

Julianne Csapo, curator

Airy Democratic Spirituality

opening times:
Sat 21 – Wed 25 August
Giesser-Str 75
ROUND 48 // July 2021 – September 2021
Lidija Ristic (US/RS)
William Schweigert (US)
Huiquan Jiang (CN)
Nawar Alhusari (SY)
Erika Miklosova (SK)
Bridget Harvey (US)
local participants:
Michiel Frielink (NL)
Ricarda Hoop (DE)
Julianne Csapo (DE/RO)