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Pilotenkueche round 37 prepares for upcoming exhibition, Rutschbahn photo: maeshelle west-davies

Artist Spotlight: Undine Bandelin

In this series, we present artists currently working in our studio. Today, we introduce you to Undine Bandelin.

We visited our current Local Participant Undine in her studio close to Pilotenkueche. Born in Jena, Undine studied painting in Halle and lives in Leipzig since 2013. Currently, she collaborates with galleries in Leipzig and Erfurt. Her subject is mainly the human figure, its ways of expression via posture, movement, and physique, but her motifs digress into portraits, landscapes, and animal studies as well. Interpersonal communication plays an equally important role as much as individual traits.

Often, she begins with a screen print, transforming a photography into a template which is then modified. This requires high anatomy skills and coenesthesia, intuitive knowledge she often supports by practicing, sketching, and working over the image several times, adding colorful layers that transform the original starting point. The result is settled somewhere between dream and reality, story and status quo, a very unique take on surrealism and expressionism.

All photos by Pilotenkueche

Undine Bandelin
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Gallery The Grass Is Greener

Gallery Rothamel

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Visiting: The Grass is Greener, Josef Filipp Gallery

Last week we visited two spaces at the Spinnerei: The Grass is Greener and the Josef Filipp Gallery At The Grass is Greener, we were shown ,,Schwimmer und Türmer,” an exhibition by Aachen-based artist Sigrid von Lintig.  A painter, Sigfrid von Lintig’s has been focused on swimmers for around five years.  The collection combined this recent focus on swimmers with  older projects of hers focused on towers, creating a dialogue between these themes.

Afterwards at the Josef Filipp Gallerie we were shown three photographers’ exhibitions in the wake of f/Stop photography festivalFantastic Realism by Sebastian Gögel, Bauhaus Dessau by Georg Brückmann, and Wende Zeiten by Thomas Steinert. Each artists’ work covered a specific location and theme throughout German history, as well as aspects of the local history of Leipzig.  Former Pilotenkueche curator Philipp Anders, currently co-curator of the Josef Filipp, took us around each artist’s collection, explaining the context and process behind them.

Special thanks to Sigrid von Lintig and Esther Niebel from The Grass is Greener for the tours!


All photos by Pilotenkueche Leipzig

,,Schwimmer und Türmer” at The Grass is Greener
f/stop Komplizen at Josef Filipp Gallery





Visiting: Spinnerei Galleries & Nicolás Dupont

Last week we introduced our artist to the “Spinnerei” complex and its contemporary galleries, including Gallerie Kleindienst, EIGEN + Art, and REITER. We also had a chance to speak to the artist Nicolás Dupont about his practice and current projects. We also met his studio-mates who were kind enough to give us impromptu talks about their work. Thank you Nicolás for receiving us at your atelier! 


Gallerie Kleindienst
Nicolás Dupont

Visiting: Spinnerei & Silke Silkeborg

Last week we introduced the Pilots to the Spinnerei complex and its contemporary galleries, including Gallerie Kleindienst, EIGEN + Art, and REITER. We also had a chance to speak to the artist Silke Silkeborg about her painting practice and current project. Thank you Silke for receiving us at your atelier!