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Visiting: Hannes Uhlenhaut and Studio Paunsdorf / 01.02.18

Last week, PILOTENKUECHE visited the east side of Leipzig. Hannes Uhlenhaut, co-founder of Studio Paunsdorf, welcomed us at his ceramic & mixed media collective atelier. We discussed the history of ceramics, its connection the the baroque, new was of using an old material, and art for space ships. We discussed process and the notion of a “calculated mistake,” when a mistake is more interesting than what is meant to happen. Thank you Hannes for having us!


All Photos by PK

Hannes Uhlenhaut

Visiting: East Side Continued // 09.11.17

Last week, we continued visiting Leipzig’s east side endeavors.  We made our regular visit with Hannes Uhlenhaut, co-founder of Studio Paunsdorf. We were once more welcomed at his ceramic & mixed media collective atelier, where he introduced us to his practice and to ongoing kiln experiments. We discussed strategies in contemporary sculpture, the ways of accommodating technical needs and of how to incorporate the implications of a medium.

After taking a break for a late lunch and Baklava, we continued to Krudebude, a community initiative led by students in the field of cultural studies and business. We were introduced to the multipurpose galleries, used for exhibitions from international artists, shows, and DIY workshops such as ‘Tools for Fools.’ Thank you for having us!

We ended our day at an opening at Salon Similde, and even had some time for the excellent home made cooking at the Volxkuchen beside the gallery. 



Hannes Uhlenhaut
Salon Similde

Curation Talks // 02.-04.08.17

Consultations, curation talks and follow-ups are an important part of our program. Last week we discussed ideas and projects for our upcoming preview show “UNS Gefällt Alles” on Saturday, 12.08.17. We are keen on pushing the works and limits of our artists! 


All photos are by PILOTENKUECHE


International residents
Benjamin Nachtigall (Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture; Vienna, Austria)
Bianca Turner (Multimedia, Installation, Action, Performance; Sao Paulo, Brasil)
Corinna D’Schoto (Installation, Painting; Glasgow, Scotland)
Dew Kim (Conceptual, Digital, Installation, Video; London, UK)
Elize Vossgatter (Painting; Cape Town, South Afrika)
George de Moura (Animation, Video; East Hampton, USA)
Hai-Hsin Huang (Painting, Drawing; New York, USA)
Heet Lee (Painting; Philadelphia, USA)
Hean Kim (Mixed Media; Seoul, South Korea)
Melissa Casella (Installation, Sculpture; Mar del Plata, Argentinia)
Sharon Norwood (Painting, Drawing, Ceramic; Florida, USA)
Sheena Scott (Film, Video; Bridlington, UK)
Tidal Grace (Painting, Mixed Media; Vancouver, Canada)
Yiyang Cao (Installation, Digital, Film, Sound, Video; New York, USA)

Guest Artists
Robin Zöffzig (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Matthias Garff  (Sculpture, Performance; Leipzig, Germany)
WIHISP (Technology Art; Leipzig, Germany)

Preview Exhibition: “uns gefällt alles “
12.08.17, 18:00h
13.08 – 25.08.17
26.08.17, 18:00h
Galerie Bipolar, Haferkornstr. 15, D-04129 Leipzig


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Galerie Bipolar

Visiting: Hannes Uhlenhaut & Galerie Bipolar

Last week, PILOTENKUECHE toured the east side of Leipzig. Hannes Uhlenhaut, co-founder of Studio Paunsdorf, welcomed us at his ceramic & mixed media collective atelier. We were introduced to his process and discussed possible subversion-tactics in contemporary sculpture, and the possibility of 3D ceramic printing, as well as tradition and frailty, practical complexities, and the challenges of the kiln. We continued to Galerie Bipolar with gallerist Kay Brudy, to discuss our upcoming preview exhibition on 12.08.2017. To finish the day, we spent a lovely evening at Salon Similde. Thank you Hannes and Kay for having us.


All Photos by PK

Hannes Uhlenhaut
Galerie Bipolar
Salon Similde