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Visiting: East and Central Leipzig // 26.10.17

Last week, we were led through a history and art related tour in the east of Leipzig. At our first stop at  “Pögehaus e.V.” Jan Keilhauer gave us an introduction to the aims of collective community endeavors in the east, in times of rapid gentrification. During our walking tour we stopped to speak at the old site of PILOTENKUECHE, as well as at an underground gallery Bistro 21. Our east-side tour ended with an evening visit to an opening at the MdbK.  



Pögehaus e.V
Bistro 21
Museum der Bildenden Künste / Leipzig

Visiting: Leipzig’s Eastside

This week we visited the eastern part of Leipzig and some spaces of it’s vibrate underground art scene. We started our trip with the “Pögehaus e.V.” – a positive example of how the creative scene is protecting buildings in the time of gentrification. Jan Keilhauer introduced the project and the house and we learned more about collaborative concepts. On the way to the next space, we stoppend at an empty building. “Why are we stopping?” asked Jacqueline van de Geer. “This is a negative example of how things can turn – this was the building were a second PILOTENKUECHE, a Café and alternative concepts were planned to settle. This never happend, we needed to leave the building, after we remodeled some parts of it.”

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