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Re-View: Gute Stube // 16.01.16 / 28th round

Some impressions of ‘another great show’ (Tighe O’Connor) – ‘Gute Stube’ (16.01.2016) – during the famous ‘Spinnereirundgang Winter 2016’ with works of the 27th round (October 2015 – January 2016). Diverse positions are linked and mixed by common topics, a similar focus or any connection to light up intersection in between different disciplines and artists. We thank all participants, our performative promotion team and all of our friends for working together. 

Impressions of the exhibition

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Exhibition // ‘Gute Stube’ / 16.01.16

We invite you to our upcoming exhibition “Gute Stube” during the famous “Spinnereirundgang Winter 2016“. An artistic program with lectures, readings & performances will top off this event:


Beginning / Time: 11-0:00h
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Preview Exhibition // ‘PREVIEW’ 27th round / 28.11.15

We like to invite our friends & interests to the preview exhibition ‘PREVIEW’ of the 27th round. The artists will show results of their current work to give a preview for the finishing exhibition during the ‘Spinnereirundgang Winter 2016’.

Date: 28.11.15
Beginning: 15:00h

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Re-view: ‘TALK TALK TALK’ Vol.2 / 31.10.15

Some impressions of the artist talks during the event ‘TALK TALK TALK’ (Vol.2, 31.10.15, 27th round) should impress a nice afternoon. During every round we are organizing this event for giving the opportunity to the artist and the visitors of the project ‘PILOTENKUECHE’ to get in touch with each other, to exchange and to cross ideas or – moreover – to find a way for collaboration.

151031 talk (3)a_w
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Artist Talks // ‘TALK TALK TALK’ Vol.2 / 31.10.15

We like to invite our friends & interests to our next artist talk event ‘TALK TALK TALK’. The artists of the 27th round will introduce themself, their positions & plans for the residency’s programme. Don’t forget: it’s halloween. Dress up & feel welcome!

Date: 31.10.15
Beginning: 14:00h

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WELCOME NEW PILOTS // 27th round

We are proud to announce the pilots of the 27th round during from october until january 2016:

Cleo Sanchez (Installation; Spain)
Dongkwang Jo (Mixed Media, Installation; Scotland)
Doris Hansen (Drawing, Objects; Germany)
Henry Kunkel (Painter; Boston, USA)
Jenny Lewis (Photography, Mixed Media, Performance; Glasgow, Scotland)
Katherine Wildman (Painter, Drawer, Sculpture; USA)
Magdalen Chua (Conceptual, Writing; Japan)
Mazen Khaddaj (Painter; Lebanon)
Nazli Ceren Ozerdem (Mixed Media, Photography, Textile; Istanbul, Turkey)

Štěpán Beránek (Sculpture; Czech)
Tadasuke Jinno (Mixed Media; USA)
Tanja Laeri (Architecture, Drawing, Painting; Swiss)

Nancy Mteki (Photography; PILOTS STIPEND 2015; Zimbabwe)
Patrick Segura (Mixed Media; PILOTS STIPEND 2015; USA)

Welcome to leipzig & the project ‘PILOTENKUECHE’!