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This was the 35th Round

Last week we said goodbye to our most recent residents. We will remember the ideas and collaborative spontaneity inspired by the second round of 2018 to work at our studio! We would also like to thank our intern, local participants, guests and friends, attendees and our supporters, as well as the broader Leipzig community for participating in our events. We hope to foster a continued exchange between our international participants and the local artists.  
Here is a selection of impressions from the 35th round, including museum tours, gallery visits, artist talks, and our preview and final events:

All photos by Pilotenkueche.

International residents
Alejandro Londono (Painting, Mixed Media; Bogotá, Colombia)
Anna Ill & Steph Huang (Installation, Sculpture, Video, Photography; London, UK)
Benjamin Leal & Henry Bell (Sound, Performance; Los Angeles, California, USA)
Eva Macali (Mixed Media, Poetry; Roma, Italy)
Fatima Nadeem (Printmaking, Painting; Lahore, Pakistan)
Ivan Attila Cremer (Sculpture, Photography; Amsterdam, Netherlands / Los Angeles, California, USA)
Jackson Akitt (Photography; Brighton, UK)
John Berry (Painting; Bloomington, USA)
Leonardo Ciocchini (Painting, Mixed Media; Buenos Aires, Argentinia)
Maryam Abedi (Painting; Teheran, Iran)
Silvina Rodriquez (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Installation; Montevideo, Uruguay)
Tegwen Evans (Photography, Multimedia, Installation; Berlin, Germany)

Local Participants
Marlet Heckhoff (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Claudia Vonderlind (Video, Performance, Photography, Drawing, Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)

Philipp Anders (Curator; Leipzig, Germany)

Kyla Pinkard (German & English Literature; Leipzig, Germany)
Elsa Henderson (Painting; Los Angeles, California, USA)

Guest Visit: HTWK Class // 26.04.18

This week we had the chance to speak to a class of students from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK). Coming from a science background, this group of students heightened our self-awareness and gave us the chance to clarify the way we speak of art, allowing us to develop an interdisciplinary discourse. Many thanks to the students and to Professor Friedrich Figge for making this possible!


All photos by Pilotenkueche

Pilotenkueche is pleased to integrate members of the broader Leipzig community into our agenda. For tours and visits, please contact info@pilotenkueche.net.