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Visiting: Galerie Hotel Leipziger Hof, Helmut

This Thursday saw several pilots accompany our curator Vanessa Souli to visit two gallery spaces in the East of the city. First, they browsed a collection of works from over 90 local artists on permanent exhibition at the Hotel Leipziger Hof on Hedwigstraße.  The majority of the works reflected Leipzig’s vibrant history as a centre for printmaking and etching, ranging from the early 20th Century into the present day.

Next they headed towards Reudnitz for a solo exhibition featuring works from Jos Diegel, a Leipzig-based artist originally from Frankfurt.  The venue, Helmut, is a non-profit organisation and are dependent on various donations and support from committed members and the public. Also located in the East of Leipzig, it is a space for art, culture and political education and the works of Job Diegel touch on these themes; questioning the social-political structures within our societies.

All photos by Pilotenkueche.


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Visiting: GFZK, Kunstkraftwerk, Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde, Alte Handelsschule

Tüe last two days saw pilots pay visits to several galleries and museums accross Leipzig, in order to get a better  idea of the cultural landscape of the city.  On Wednesday, they took advantage of free admittance to the Galerie für Zeitgenossiche Kunst (GFZK) offered on the last Wednesday of every month, perusing the ongoing exhibition Pass-Stücke, a collection aimed at appealing to the wider public by including an array of everyday objects.  The collection notably featured a chronological catalogue of Texte zur Kunst, a German-language magazine focused on critiquing art and contemporary culture.  

Thursday saw the pilots accompany our curator Vanessa Souli to events at three separate locations: ‘Renaissance Experience,’ at the Kunstkraftwerk, the permanent collection at the Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde, and finally the opening for ‘Italian Urban Art,’ at the Alte Handelsschule. ‘Renaissance Experience,’ is a series of audio-visual installations, joint funded by Leipzig and Florence city councils, aimed at replicating the contents of the Uffizi Gallery within the walls of the Kunstkraftwerk in an immersive, multi-dimentional experience.  Next, the pilots headed north to tour the permanent collections at the Grassi museum of ethnology: a series of objects arranged in a timeline from Western, Middle-Eastern and Asian cultures.  Finally, the pilots headed to the Alte Handelsschule for the opening of ‘Italian Urban Art,’ a show organised by former Pilotenkueche curator of the 34th Round Maria Aria. 

We wish Maria lots of luck with the exhibition!

All Photos by Pilotenkueche

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“Italian Urban Art”
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“Renaissance Experience”