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"multipolar", Galerie Bipolar 2016

PILOTS at Gallery Bipolar

Here are some impressions from the exhibition ‘MULTIPOLAR‘ at the Gallery Bipolar on which four former pilots took part. The exhibition offered with 24 positions a very special focus on installation, sculptur and mixed media.

Date? 24.09 – 15.10.16

Address:Galerie Bipolar’, Haferkornstr. 15, D-04129 Leipzig, Germany

Exhibiting Pilots
Katarina Henriksson (Mixed Media, Installation, Painting; Farsta, Sweden)
Sally Lia Vigano (Installation, Printmaking, Sculpture; Italy)
So Jin Lim (Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media; Seoul, South Korea)
Wednesday Kim (Installation, Mixed Media; New York, USA)

together with

Exhibiting Artists
Franziska Anna Faust (Sculpture; Leipzig, Germany)
Martin Holz (Mixed Media, Painting, Installation, Sound; Author; Leipzig, Germany)
Alessa Brossmer (Mixed Media; Halle, Germany)
Clemens Fellmann (Sculpture, Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
Carsten Busse (Installation, Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Priska Streit (Sculpture; Leipzig, Germany)
Carl Bens (Sculpture, Mixed Media, Installation; Leipzig, Germany)
Thomas Christians (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Jacob Friedländer (Sculpture; Dresden, Germany)
Christian Holze (Mixed Media, Installation; Leipzig, Germany)
Jana Mertens (Painting, Installation; Sculpture; Halle, Germany)
Inka Perl (Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
Sora Khòl (Sculpture; Halle, Germany)
Lucy König (Sculpture; Leipzig; Germany)
Anke Vetter
Jenny Rempel (Sculpture; Halle, Germany)
Markus Petersen (Sculpture; Leipzig, Germany)
Johannes Denda (Sculpture, Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
Marie Lynn Speckert (Sculpture, Installation; Halle, Germany)

Performing Artists
Demetra Kallitsi (Conceptual, Performance, Video; Cyprus)
Jacqueline van de Geer (Performance; Netherlands, Canada)

Impressions of the exhibition

All photos by Galerie Bipolar, Jenny Rempel, Sally Viganò und Karsten Wendt

Impressions of the performances

Performances by Demetra Kallitsi & Jacqueline van de Geer. All photos by Martin Holz

Visiting: Leipzig’s Eastside

This week we visited the eastern part of Leipzig and some spaces of it’s vibrate underground art scene. We started our trip with the “Pögehaus e.V.” – a positive example of how the creative scene is protecting buildings in the time of gentrification. Jan Keilhauer introduced the project and the house and we learned more about collaborative concepts. On the way to the next space, we stoppend at an empty building. “Why are we stopping?” asked Jacqueline van de Geer. “This is a negative example of how things can turn – this was the building were a second PILOTENKUECHE, a Café and alternative concepts were planned to settle. This never happend, we needed to leave the building, after we remodeled some parts of it.”

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Re-View: Gute Stube // 16.01.16 / 28th round

Some impressions of ‘another great show’ (Tighe O’Connor) – ‘Gute Stube’ (16.01.2016) – during the famous ‘Spinnereirundgang Winter 2016’ with works of the 27th round (October 2015 – January 2016). Diverse positions are linked and mixed by common topics, a similar focus or any connection to light up intersection in between different disciplines and artists. We thank all participants, our performative promotion team and all of our friends for working together. 

Impressions of the exhibition

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Exhibition // ‘Gute Stube’ / 16.01.16

We invite you to our upcoming exhibition “Gute Stube” during the famous “Spinnereirundgang Winter 2016“. An artistic program with lectures, readings & performances will top off this event:


Beginning / Time: 11-0:00h
Find this event on facebook

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Re-view: THE RETURN // 10.01.15 / 24th round

Some impressions of the exhibition ‘THE RETURN OF THE PILOTENKUECHE’ (10.01.2015) during the famous Spinnereirundgang Winter 2015 with works of the 24th round (October 2014  – January 2015). Diverse positions are linked and mixed by common topics, a similar focus or any connection to light up intersection in between different disciplines and artists. We thank Jenn Garland for taking most the photos and all pilots for working together. The exhibition was lined up with a programme during the day with performances, lectures and readings.

Impressions of the exhibition

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