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Collaboration: Exhibition Partnership // 2018

We are pleased to announce an additional local collaboration that will take place in 2018, within the scheme of our International Residence and Local Participants Program. 

PILOTENKUECHE will be exhibiting collective shows at Krudebude, a versatile multi room work space that is based in the east side of Leipzig. They initiate projects as diverse as educational DIY workshops to events, and provide an alternative venue for the promotion of local and international artists as well as meeting points for the community. 

Venue Impressions

Photos provided by Krudebude

Lin ks
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Collaboration: Exhibition Partnerships // 2018

We are pleased to announce several collaborations that will take place in 2018, within the scheme of our International Residence and Local Participants Program. 

Curated by Jos Diegel and taking place at  LS43 in Berlin, PILOTENKUECHE will be presenting a best-of selection of video work from our current collection. LS43 is a trans-media space that supports contemporary trans-media and video artists with cyclical two month exhibitions.

Organized by Carola Rümper, we also look forward to several group exhibitions at MP43 in Berlin. 

Lastly, we have a new partnership with Alte Handelsschule, organized by Barbara Röhner. Our first show will be realized next February, with work from the next residents of the 34th round.

Venue Impressions

Photos provided by the partners

PILOTENKUECHE is open to collaborating with project rooms, galleries and museums in and out of Leipzig,, and to further integrate members of the broader Leipzig community into our agenda. For tours, visits, or inquiries please contact info@pilotenkueche.net.

Jos Diegel 
Alte Handelsschule 


Collaboration: Partner Residency // Haven For Artists

We are pleased to announce an international collaboration between the Lebanese program Haven For Artists and our own Residence and Local Participants Program. 

Prompted by an opportunity building mandate, PILOTENKUECHE aims to create an international collaborative network between partners of an inclusive ethos. Based in Beirut, Haven For Artists is an apolitical NGO supporting the projects of artists from all fields, and offers a network of venues, project support and a collaborative mandate between visiting artists and the modern underground art scene of Lebanon and the Middle East. Set in a shared community house, the project has been initiating and encouraging workshops, lectures and a diverse event program since 2011. We look forward to developing an international exchange program and to welcoming members of their community into our own!

Venue Impressions

Photos provided by Haven For Artists

Haven For Artists

Review: Lenka L. Lukacovicova at Ping Pong

Last week, one of our pilots exhibited at a local art space in Lindenau. Under the title “Situations which were as if they occurred as yesterday,” Lenka Lukacovicova presented an investigation of boundaries between mundane acts and performativity, as well as the ways in which photographic medium can  provoke an ongoing negotiation, rather than a fixed state. 

We would like to thank the organizer, curator and artist Marcel Noack pf Ping-Pong for his collaborative spirit!



Lenka Lukacovicova (Photography, Performance, Installation; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Marcel Noack (Visual Artist, Photographer; Leipzig, Germany)
Ping Pong