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Hungry Dungeon Friends

There are some conversations that can only take place on the borders of ourselves; in contact with the other. The exhibition, Hungry Dungeon Friends, circulates around these borders and interiorities. They are viscous, unformed, multiple and representative of our hybrid nature.  

Through the hybrid format of the PILOTENKUECHE  International Art Program, there are possibilities to realign ones practice and be exposed to new environments, like the dungeonesque basement at KKW which offers a unique stimuli. Exchanges can be marked by a need, a hunger communicated through the affective fields of our bodies.  The body-organism is linked to the world through a network of primal signifiers, our bodies’ raw data

Like in the Deffractionist writings of philosopher, Karen Barad, in this project the pollination between practices and processes of the artists seeks to frame how “we cut together apart.”  The work explores intimacies and edges of collapse, dialogues about method, stages of unconscious and conscious action. How and what inhabits these points of exchange? PILOTENKUECHE offers a space to challenge temporal and spatial constraints.

In an enhanced awareness of these possible exchanges we question and reconfigure understandings. Hungry Dungeon Friends seeks to look into our entanglements in a myriad of ways. Conceived in an underworld of currents, it is a form and place where thinking intervenes in the more than human worlds.

Theorist Donna Haraway’s work highlights the figuration of these broken boundaries and imploded worlds, where knowledge and ontology dissolve. As a species we need to collectively reimagine new forms of empathy and understanding. In turn, this allows the developing of methods of care and extends the notion of what relating is, in order to confront humanity’s 21st century human exceptionalism. 

written by Curator in Residence Colette Patterson

Hungry Dungeon Friends

Saturday 17 August 

Live performances by 
sound artist Isaac Magner with film maker Agathe Barreand performance artists Antonia Wetzel, Tom Alexander Austin and Simon Schäfer.

Saturday 24 August
Curatorial Tour by Colette Patterson

Live performance by 
Tom Alexander Austin

Sunday 18 August – Sunday 1 September 
10AM-6PM Tue-Sun

Saalfelder Str.

PK RD40 

International residents

Adam Tuch (sound, digital art, installation/US)
Agathe Barre (film/FR) 
Antonia Wetzel (performance, painting/DE)
Ariel Taylor (painting/US)
Clément Bedel (painting/FR) 
Christopher Sperandio (comics/US) 
Darien Crossley (performance, painting/US)
Helene Planquelle (painting, drawing/FR)
Isaac Magner (sound design, video/UK) 
Michella Perera (sculpture/UK)
Tom Alexander Austin (performance/UK)
Vernon O´Meally (painting/US)
Zara June Williams (painting/AU)
Zheng Wenxin (painting/CH)

Local Participants
Matthias Geisler (painting, printmaking/DE) 
Simon Schäfer (sculpture, film, sound, installation, digital/DE)

Colette Patterson (UK)

Fiona Irene Graf (DE/UK) 
Huai-ya Lin (TW) 
Silvia Zandomeneghi (IT)
milkafterfish (instagram)
Stanley Louis (HA/FR) 
iam_stanlouis (instagram)– 

Curator Spotlight: Colette Patterson

Colette is interested in exploring spaces and ecologies of care as curatorial methodologies. Halfway through her Master’s degree in Curating at Goldsmiths University, she has worked in the Arts and has been working in galleries, art spaces and artist-led initiatives.

Colette’s main interest lies in the exploration of radical space and ecology of care as curatorial methodologies. Her practice works as a social and political actor for reimagining and cultural questioning, political and social dichotomies. As an emerging curator, she is gravitating towards art in London that allows her to understand the artistic environment. 

Colette is co-founder of DICE festival, an artist- led festival of chance opportunities in London, where with her team she curates 3 nights of performances with 7 artists per night. She crosses a range of mediums, body based work, live art, comedy, sketches, “adembra”. With all that background and experiences, she believes that adding more substance to her practice work, which was missing before. 

Colette’s previous project was about exploring the universe of tenderness, exploring intimacies and edges of collapse, dialogues about process, stages of unconscious/ conscious action, how and what inhabits these places of exchange. The project was about exploring the perceptions, asking what is urgent in a strategy of tenderness. 

“I would like to see artists interact with space more and more, and it is one of the things that I am focusing on. My approach of curating is also to foster more dialogue. For this reason, I’m happy to see that today’s art gallery’s programmes are more a mix of established artists, new artists and spaces as well. I think universities should take more time to consider that kind of approach and topic because it is relevant”. 

With this Pilotenkueche, Colette is working in very close connection to the artists. She listens to their ideas and looks at their concepts, and then tries to join all their work into a curatorial concept

I am trying to expand the notion of curating regarding my methodology. Whether with the way of apprehending the artistic approaches but also with the kind of argumentation and the reflection on the works of artists. In this same logic of dialogue, consultation with them, I would like to make a good contribution not only to the artists but to art in general.

“I think there’s a deep truth in all human life that when we share our stories with others, we learn about ourselves in the act of sharing with others,”

Spaces, art, artists, communities, it’s time to evoke not only emotions but strong relationships.

Hungry Dungeon Friends

Saturday 24 August
Curatorial Tour by Colette Patterson
performance by 
Tom Alexander Austin

Sunday 18 August – Sunday 1 September 
10AM-6PM (closed Mondays)
Saalfelder Str. 8
04179 Leipzig