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Artist Spotlight: John Berry

In this weekly series, we present artists currently working in our studio. Today, we introduce you to John Berry who does painting and printmaking.

Before starting his residency, John planned to investigate the possibilities of organizing a flat surface, the rules it follows and the opportunities these very rules provide, via printmaking and rug design. In Leipzig, he discovered another source of data: the allotment gardens that surround the city. Though the organization of these tiny rectangles is restricted by a German-ish amount of rules, no two gardens look the same. They display a weirdly shaped but still undeniably high grade of freedom, though it is unclear if this freedom exists in spite of or even because of the rules. It’s unclear what is allowed and what is controlled, what is left free and why.

In John’s paintings, this relation is translated into a controlled set of patterns, strictly arranged like the elements of a rug, but still with a vivid, playful sort of intelligence and humor. Taped edges are set next to spray painted areas, seemingly spacious shapes flip back and forth, accidental marks and blurry colors coexist with geometric structures. The motif is never recognizable enough to become the actual protagonist of the painting; the overall construction of the image is meant to be the protagonist.

All photos by Pilotenkueche


John Berry
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Artist Spotlight: High Priest

For the third instalment of our “artist spotlight” series, we present High Priest, a sound collective from Los Angeles already making waves here in Leipzig and beyond. Formed by Henry Bell and Benjamin Leal, the duo rejects the traditional idea of an audience, performing not for humans but for the objects which are simultaneously their subjects and their spectators.

Here at Pilotenkueche, Benjamin and Henry are using their time to further explore the relationship between objects and sound, creating a series of “tone poems”, short pieces which use sound to describe and interact with their subjects. Through this series, High Priest intends to formulate a lexicon of sound-object interaction which can be systematically applied to any subject, a blueprint for a language which can be used to produce new tone poems or reproduce previous ones. On April 27th, High Priest performed at Hühnermanhattan Klub in Halle. We look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

Photos by Pilotenkueche and High Priest


High Priest

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Artist Spotlight: Tegwen Evans

In this weekly series, we present artists currently working in our studio. Today, we introduce you to Tegwen Evans who does photography, multimedia, and installation art.

Originally from New Jersey, Tegwen Evans graduated from the Berlin Neue Schule für Fotografie and has since made a name for herself taking portraits in the depths of Berlin’s club scene. In her previous work with the organization TrashEra, Tegwen created pieces which resist replication by integrating additional materials, so that the photos become creations as unique as the individuals within them.

Continuing her work which simultaneously considers body dysphoria, femininity, human forms, disorientation and anxiety through an anthropological lens, Tegwen wishes to find new ways of including the viewers as  participants in her art. “People are forced to be involved,” she says. Always starting with an image, she uses mixed media to transform it into a new structure that is no longer a mere photograph, but a manifesto of the living experience. Using painting for the first time at Pilotenkueche, her upcoming work is intended to be a multisensory experience. 

All photos by Pilotenkueche

Tegwen Evans