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Re-View: UNHEIMLICH // 09.02-02.03.18

Here are some impressions of the preview show of the current residents of the 34rd round. We thank all the attendees, guest artists, and friends, as well as organizer Barbara Röhner for our first exhibition at Alte Handelsschule. For those who were unable to attend, feel free to arrange a viewing appointment or join us at the Finnissage on March 2nd at 19:00h!


All photos by PILOTENKUECHE 

Gallery View

All photos by PILOTENKUECHE 

International residents
Alexander Hulphers (Painting; Oroville, USA)
Alma Vissher (Installation, Textile; Edmonton, Canada)
Elsa Henderson(Painting; Los Angeles, California, USA)
Hannah Naify (Painting; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Ilil Kenaan (Performance, Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Jing Yu (Sound Installation, Performance; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Lucas Recchione (Painting, Sculpture, Video; New York, USA)
Maria Barros (Sculpture; Santiago, Chile)
Mirel Torun (Photography, Drawing; Izmir, Turkey)
Rory Harron (Sculpture, Installation; Redcastle, Donegal, Ireland)
Stephanie Morissette (Installation, Video; Québec, Canada)
Viktor Witkowski (Painting, Video; Norwich, USA)

Local Participants
Anja Heymann (Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
René Schäffer (Photography; Halle, Germany)

Maria Stadirani (Curator; Rome, Italy)

Paula Blower (Mixed Media, Video, Installation, Performance; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Kay Lotte Pommer (Leipzig, Germany)

Collaboration: Exhibition Partnerships // 2018

We are pleased to announce several collaborations that will take place in 2018, within the scheme of our International Residence and Local Participants Program. 

Curated by Jos Diegel and taking place at  LS43 in Berlin, PILOTENKUECHE will be presenting a best-of selection of video work from our current collection. LS43 is a trans-media space that supports contemporary trans-media and video artists with cyclical two month exhibitions.

Organized by Carola Rümper, we also look forward to several group exhibitions at MP43 in Berlin. 

Lastly, we have a new partnership with Alte Handelsschule, organized by Barbara Röhner. Our first show will be realized next February, with work from the next residents of the 34th round.

Venue Impressions

Photos provided by the partners

PILOTENKUECHE is open to collaborating with project rooms, galleries and museums in and out of Leipzig,, and to further integrate members of the broader Leipzig community into our agenda. For tours, visits, or inquiries please contact info@pilotenkueche.net.

Jos Diegel 
Alte Handelsschule