Beyond ‘Hypezig’: Connecting international artists in eastern Germany
by Benedict Tetzlaff-Deas

“We make it so the program relates to what the artists bring, so it’s not a set program in which we always do the same thing.”


Pilotenkueche at its best: floating rooms, slasher films

“It [PILOTENKUECHE] is an immersive experience where they get to live their art 24/7, a luxury that most artists don’t have on a steady basis. “


Clementine Butler-Gallie at Pilotenkueche – From Elsewhere to Leipzig

“The experience of curating the residency provides the challenge of connecting people and practices that are so diverse. Pilotenkueche offers a great opportunity for cultural and group exchange” – Clementine Butler-Gallie, Curator of round 39

Auf den Spuren der Wahrnehmung – „SPOOR“: Ausstellung der Pilotenkueche in Leipzig

A german review of the final exhibition of 37th round, SPOOR  

Leipziger Volkszeitung

Local newspaper writes an article about our former director Martin Holz.