putting the po in promotion

By now you’ve probably seen everything you needed to see in the magical field of marketing and promotion. But we at Pilotenkueche have brought things a step further. We decided to put our Pos (butts) where our art is!

Simon Adam Peter

Our Pomotion Team, led by Martin Holz and Simon Adam Peter decided to wreak havoc during this year´s Winterrundgang. Armed with nothing else than a ghettoblaster and leather pants, they danced their way into the Spinnerei´s galleries .

They came and they conquered*. Impressed by their courage and badass dancing skills, visitors followed their Pos all the way to Pilotenkueche for the exhibition, which run through January. But more about that on the next post.

They were even mentioned in the press! Thanks guys!

To Pilotenkueche!

To Pilotenkueche!

Hi there

Ou Hi there

Pomotion attack

Pomotion attack

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