Part of the famous Performance “KENNETH STITT PERFORMANCE” by Kenneth Stitt. Live at Pilotenkueche January 9th 2015. The act was part of the recent Exhibition “THE RETURN OF THE PILOTENKUECHE” with works of:

Alexander Jensen (Mixed Media; Scotland)
A. S. Luisenbach (Painter; Leipzig, Germany)
Case Randall (Mixed Media, Painter; London, UK)
Javier Ramirex (Painter; Spain)
Kenneth Stitt (Mixed Media & Performer; UK)
Kim Ki Duk (Painter; China)
Lewis Henderson (Painter; UK)
Lily Koto Olive (Painter, Mixed Media, Film Arts; New York City, USA)
Samuel Hailey-Watts (Mixed Media; Scotland)

Susanna Inglada (Mixed Media, Painter & Drawer; Spain)
Theodora Kokhodze (Painter; Georgia)

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