The director is dead – and no director will follow. Initiated by the last director – Martin Holz – and Ines Lucines a multiprofessional team will take the job of managing and organizing the international artist residence PILOTENKUECHE. This group will be also supported by friends & pilots. Because of this alternated management the program is within a comprehensive change. From now it gets modified and optimized on different levels.

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The new PK-Team: Martin Holz & Ines Lucines

With the changes in management is also coming a change of the program of the project PILOTENKUECHE, but we will also stick to the roots of the old PILOTENKUECHE and include them into the new program. To expand the program and the network and possibilities for our artists, we are looking for new partnerships and for guest artists from different disciplines, to show their work at the PILOTENKUECHE and to cross their experiences and work methods with our artists – so time has come to change.

If you want to participate in this exciting changes, if you want to become a pilot, a guest, a volunteer or a partner, follow us and send a message to info@pilotenkueche.net.

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    1. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

      Dear Stanley,

      thank you very much. It’s true. They come from all over there. Some still are in leipzig and live here. Do you like to apply for our residence too?

      Warmest regards,


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