Artists Talks and Brunch // 11.01.18

Last week, each artist gave an insight onto their work, in our introductory in-house presentations. We had a lovely brunch, and learned that this round focuses on textiles, memory, post-internet glitch art, and history. We also got to know the work of our intern Paula Bowler!


All Photos by PK

International residents
Alexander Hulphers (Painting; Oroville, USA)
Alma Vissher (Installation, Textile; Edmonton, Canada)
Elsa Henderson (Painting; Los Angeles, California, USA)
Hannah Naify (Painting; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Ilil Kenaan (Performance, Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Jing Yu (Sound Installation, Performance; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Lucas Rechione (Painting, Sculpture, Video; New York, USA)
Maria Barros (Sculpture; Santiago, Chile)
Mirel Torun (Photography, Drawing; Izmir, Turkey)
Rory Harron (Sculpture, Installation; Redcastle, Donegal, Ireland)
Stephanie Morisette (Installation, Video; Québec, Canada)
Viktor Witkowski (Painting, Video; Norwich, USA)

Local Participants
Anja Heymann (Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
René Schäffer (Photography; Halle, Germany)

Maria Aria (Curator; Rome, Italy)
Jos Diegel (Mixed Media, Video, Installation; Frankfurt, Berlin, Germany)

Paula Blower (Mixed Media, Video, Installation, Performance; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Kay Lotte Pommer (Leipzig, Germany)


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