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In view of our upcoming spring exhibition, we invite Leipzig based artists to submit a proposal for the program of our opening night, taking place on June 8th 2018 at our studios! We are looking for:


All photos by PILOTENKUECHE 

Send your proposals or ideas to by 05.05.18!
We await your submissions!

Activities: MDR and Mashup V

During the first week of the 35th round, we had an interview with MDR for their documentary about Franz-Fleming-Straße’s burgeoning art scene. The documentary focuses on the new ateliers and galleries in Leutzsch, including projects such as Molina Ghosh’s Mashup, Pilotenkueche, ff15, and interviews with artists.

We attended the opening for Mashup V, the fifth show in Leipzig-based artist and curator Molina Ghosh‘s “Mashup” series. Mashup is an ongoing series of group exhibitions curated by Molina, featuring unknown “no-name” artists alongside known “name” artists. The current show is located in the basement of our studio building and will be open until May 19. We hope to further extend the collaboration in the future!

All photos by PK

MDR Documentary
Molina Ghosh
Gallerie ff15

Artists participating in Mashup V
Eva Howitz
Edgar Leciejewski
Frank Moll
Anna Nero
Juliana Ortiz
Oskar Rink
Nadin M. Rüfenacht
Rigo Schmidt
Max Schneider
Markus Uhr
Stefan Vogel
Jaochim Weischer
Matthias Weischer
Minor Alexander
Tilo Baumgartel
Zora Berweger
Nina K Doege
Rayk Goetze
Henriette Grahnert
Stefan Guggisberg
Katrin Heichel
Julius Heinemann
Tobias Hild
Franziska Holstein

Collaboration: Residency Partnership with Lugar a dudas, Colombia // 2019

We are pleased to announce an additional international collaboration that will take place in 2019 with Lugar a dudas, a contemporary art center operating in Cali, Colombia since 2005. Their residency coordinator, Iván Tovar, visited us in March to discuss the possibilities of a collaboration. We look forward to a fruitful partnership!

Venue Impressions

All photos by Lugar a dudas

Lugar a dudas, on facebook

Guest Visit: TV ORF and Class Visit // 25.10.17

Last week we had two visiting groups at our studios. We had the opportunity to be caught on camera: Joined in conversation by director Alfred Weidinger of the MdbK, we were recorded and filmed by the TV Chanel ORF!



We also had the chance to speak to a class of pupils, accompanied by the Leipzig based painter Marlet Heckhoff. Thank you for visiting us!



PILOTENKUECHE is pleased to integrate members of the broader Leipzig community into our agenda. For tours and visits, please contact

Marlet Heckhoff

Final Exhibition // ‘Buttersäure-Senf’ of the 32nd round / 23.09 – 28.09.17

The final show of our most recent residents from Austria, the UK, South Africa, South Korea, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Scotland, and Argentina will present the results of 4 months spent at the residency.

This round of artists has a particular interest in painting, ceramics, installation, found objects and social media, with thematic interests ranging from the narrative of memory, sexual identity & identity politics, to the autonomy and object-hood of a painting. We are also pleased to present the work of our local participants Robin Zöffzig & Matthias Garff, as well as sound performers from Leipzig. We invite everyone to attend the show at the new space of PILOTENKUECHE.


Buttersäuer-Senf” / international group exhibition

Opening: 23.09.17, 18:00h
Open: 24.09 – 28.09.17
Finissage: 29.09.17, 18:00h
Location: PILOTENKUECHE, 2nd Floor, Franz-Flemmingstr. 9, D-04179 Leipzig


18:00h  Opening Lecture by Martin Holz
18:30h  Reading by Nils Müller & Olav Amende
19:15h  “Dinner”, Performance by Tidal Grace
20:00h  Sound Performance by EAU
20:45h “Untitled”, Multimedia Performance by Sheena Scott & Hean Kim
21:00h  Sound Performance by Marek Brandt
21:45h “What’s on a Girls Mind”, Multimedia Action by Bianca Turner
22:15h  Sound Performance by Yiyang Cao & George de Moura
23:00h  SELEKTA PEHLE Experimental Post Punk Dub Dance
00:00h DISCO TOTALIS Hits, Hits, Hits

This exhibition is part of the city wide event “Offene Ateliers 2017” on 24.09.17 which is organized by “ars avanti e.v.”

Impressions of preview exhibitions


International Residents
Benjamin Nachtigall (Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture; Vienna, Austria)
Bianca Turner (Multimedia, Installation, Action, Performance; Sao Paulo, Brasil)
Corinna D’Schoto (Installation, Painting; Glasgow, Scotland)
Dew Kim (Conceptual, Digital, Installation, Video; London, UK)
Elize Vossgatter (Painting; Cape Town, South Afrika)
George de Moura (Animation, Video; East Hampton, USA)
Hai-Hsin Huang (Painting, Drawing; New York, USA)
Heet Lee (Painting; Philadelphia, USA)
Hean Kim (Mixed Media; Seoul, South Korea)
Melissa Casella (Installation, Sculpture; Mar del Plata, Argentinia)
Sharon Norwood (Painting, Drawing, Ceramic; Florida, USA)
Sheena Scott (Film, Video; Bridlington, UK)
Tidal Grace (Painting, Mixed Media; Vancouver, Canada)
Yiyang Cao (Installation, Digital, Film, Sound, Video; New York, USA)

Local Participants
Robin Zöffzig (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Matthias Garff  (Sculpture, Performance; Leipzig, Germany)

EAU (Sound & Performance; Leipzig, Germany)
Marek Brandt (Soundart, Photography, Video; Leipzig, Germany)
SELEKTA PEHLE (Zonic, Kulturny dom Lipsk/Salon Similde; Leipzig, Germany)
Nils Müller (Literature; Leipzig, Germany)
Olav Amende (Literature; Leipzig, Germany)

Find this event on facebook

Guest Visit: Leipziger Sommerakademie // 22.07.17

Last week we had a class visit from the “Leipziger Sommerakademie“. We are pleased to have guests at our studios for tours and discussions, and we thank Jan Apitz, his team and this class for visiting us!



PILOTENKUECHE is pleased to integrate members of the broader Leipzig community into our agenda. For tours and visits, please contact 

Leipziger Sommerakademie

This was the 31st Round

Last week we said goodbye to our most recent residents. We’d like to commend this round of artists for making our first term in the new studios an exceptional learning experience; We will not forget your openness and your efforts! In addition we would like to thank our  friends, attendees and our supporters during these months of transition, as well as the broader Leutzsch community for participating in our Tour de Franz open studio event. We hope to foster a continued exchange between our international residents and the local artists.  

Here is a selection of impressions from the 31st round, including museum tours, gallery visits, artist talks, and our preview and final events:

All photos by PK & Sergey Sivushkin

Anita Goes (Photography, Video; Brazil)
Carole Lallemand (Painting, Video; Belgium)
Despina Charitonidi (Sculpture, Performance, Installation; Greece)
Dani Minuskin (Painting, Sculpture, Installation; Toronto, Canada)
Eric Andersson (Visual Art, Architecture; Sweden)
Ho Man Law (Video, Conceptual; Hong Kong)
Ian Cumberland (Painting; Northern Ireland)
Josef Ka (Installation, Performance, Video; Moscow, Russia)
Persia Phillips
(Painting; San Francisco, USA)
Peter Vance (Conceptual, Process-based media, Drawing, Installation; London, UK)
Ryan Hatfield (Installation, Painting; USA)
Sun Chang (Installation, Performance, Sound;London, UK)
Yerin Kim (Scultpure, Performance, Mixed Media, Drawing, Activism; South Korea)
Zeke Kan (Conceptual, Installation, Painting, Sculpture; Toronto, Canada, Malaysia)

Guest Artists
Hannes Uhlenhaut (Sculpture; Leipzig, Germany)
Marie Lynn Ravens (Sculpture, Performance; Leipzig, Germany)
hansen_windisch (Music; Leipzig, Germany)

Guest visit: HTWK class // 26.04.17

This week we had a class visit from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. Coming from a science background, this group of students heightened our self-awareness and gave us the chance to clarify the way we speak of art. To those who are unfamiliar with an art themed discourse, conceptual practices may seem inaccessible, but the conversation we had showed that with enough curiosity, there are many common themes to explore. We discussed the possibilities of art as field work, and as an active form of anthropology, the authorship of the artist, the process of forming a visual language, and the necessity of text or information when making an analysis of contemporary art work. We thank the class and the efforts of Professor Friedriche Figge for visiting us!



PILOTENKUECHE is pleased to integrate members of the broader Leipzig community into our agenda. For tours and visits, please contact 


BBQ: Hallo Nachbarn!

This week we hosted a gathering to get to know the neighbors. We had a chance to talk about future plans and discuss ideas with artists based in the west side, and met some new friends from the studios just down the street. When it began to hail, our grilling party moved upstairs to the studios, turning this event into a miniature tour. We had a lovely time, thank you to all who attended, and see you next time!


All photos are by PILOTENKUECHE

PILOTENKUECHE is regularly creating events with the residents to introduce them to the local art scene and – moreover – to create an exchange between our international guests and the practitioners based in Leipzig.

Re-view: HYSTERESIS // 10.01.2015

For our exhibition ‘THE RETURN OF THE PILOTENKUECHE’ the performance group ‘HYSTERESIS‘ did a amazing show. ‘HYSTERESIS‘ was founded by Jason Williams & Charlotte CHW. They descibe their practice as a static / kinetic abstract aural formation, body-object relation & tableau vivant noise composition. They’re using their bodies as instruments. Sound and performance laying in between auto – destruction and a new order of composition.

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