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Dreamy Cube Curve at Pilotenkueche

Dreamy Cube Curve

Imagine a parsimonious choreography of forms, angles and figures. It’s difficult to differentiate them clearly. One is the future of the other. The cube meets the curve. They say hello to each other. And then, they attract. Installed in a dominant industrial space, Dreamy Cube Curve, is an artistic exhibition articulated through sequences that in space resemble a dreamscape to produce a collective lucid dream. We travel through space as if we had passed between the vigil, dreams and nightmares. The exhibition, like a living organism, reflects on the transmutation of forms; essentially the curatorial practice, articulates the forms of artistic knowledge; historical; philosophical; subjective, among many others, and from that site, the exhibition asks about the artistic forms that emerge and connect from this site.

Jesse Asselman’s heavenly settings welcome us. Through these pictorial exercises, the experience of a pleasant dream opens up to us. Meanwhile, the abstract paintings of Mar Ripoll come to the mind as a respite from the outside world. In an apparent contrast, Haim Levac’s oil paintings appear as diffuse images of the sordid journey of everyday life, of life as strange as it is everyday. Drop by drop, memories and stories Yana Jiao, fall on us, changing our existence. 

images by PILOTENKUECHE. installation views: Julianne Csapo

The delirious images of a long night lie in wait for us. They are featured in the household objects and mixed media works of Maddox Pratt; in Ilona Za Kuzniatsova’s representations of an idyllic nature; and in the installations of Martin Ziegler and Anna Sopova. Joongok Kim’s landscapes appear before our eyes like the images that we remember and that fade when we wake up from a dream. Shanna Zentner’s paintings transport us to hidden worlds of infinite wisdom. While the immersive installation Celine Ordioni brings us face to face with the real experience of a lost physical presence. Linus Clostermann’s sculpture awaits in the vicinity of the Pilotenkueche, almost invisible, like the translucent bugs we see when we gaze at the sky.

All these art works, they merge, they become blurred, and disappear. What once was, now only exists in our unconscious. What has emerged is a singular entity, with a multitude of dualities. Such forms, return to the movement from where they came, incorporated into the spiral of the universe.

curator Marco Valtierra

Dreamy Cube Curve

Sat 17 Sept 7PM

Performance 8PM
I am where you are

18, 20, 21 Sept

Franz-Flemming-Str 9

ROUND 52 // July – Sept 2022

International Residents:
Jesse Asselman (NL)
Ilona Za Kuzniatsova (BY/CY)
Mar Ripoll  (ES)
Joongok Kim (KO)
Maddox Pratt (US/DE)
Shanna Zentner (US)
Haim Levac (IL)
Celine Ordioni (US)
Kateryna Bortsova (UA)
Yana Jiao (CN)

Local Participants:
Linus Clostermann (DE)
Martin Ziegler (DE)

Marco Valtierra (MX)

International Interns:
Kat Lafferty (IR)
Emma Arrivati (IT)
Daria Kovaleva (RU)
Enrica Lamia (IT)