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Céline Ordioni: contours of emotion

Céline Ordioni‘s artistic philosophy focuses on finding a connection between both realism and abstraction with human sensibility. From the combination of realism and blind contour, to lifecasts and interactive exhibitions, Céline uses art as a way to let others experience her. Her representation of the four basic human emotions paves the way to an indirect connection with the viewer by creating an intimate and universal message. 

Art as Connection

The search for connection with others lies at the heart of Céline’s art. Growing up in a rural area left her feeling alone and disconnected. This isolation from the outside world not only informed the way she communicates, but the way she understands herself. Art gives her the ability to understand her emotions through an impulsive process with which her subconscious communicates with reality. During the process of making the conscious thoughts give way to the subconscious ones and answers develop.  Anger, fear, sadness and happiness give rise to artworks that are both exclusive and inclusive. They are capable of communicating the universal message; everyone feels the emotions Céline represents in different everyday contexts.  

The communicative force shifts to the plane of direct interaction when it comes to her lifecasts. In that case art becomes a real love language towards models chosen as part of Céline’s artistic evolution. The choice is based on the connection she feels with them, opening a glimpse into her worldview.

Céline’s interpretation of the world 

 For Céline art is a liberating and therapeutic process. It is limitless and finds its origin in external stimuli. In her in the sculpture Express Yourself By Diplo, the pose recreated by the artist in different contexts is transposed into sculpture. She creates a meeting point between abstraction and reality. Her desire to connect is also relative to fields that appear too distant. Art, in this sense, becomes a kind of personal challenge. The result is an artwork connecting different artistic currents containing a psychological implication. The link between the Renaissance influcenced cherubs’ and tarot-inspired abstractly drawn outline of a woman asleep represent her vision of anxiety and intrusive thinking. Her creations are a way to process feelings and situations by elevating them whilst having fun at the same time. 

The communicative potential of color and form

One factor influencing Céline’s work is the symbolic use of color. Since art is a direct extension of itself, she dresses in black during the process of creation. Her particular view of the artistic process and fusion with art extends into a bold black line. It ensures that the focus falls on the form the works take. The sculpture Camel Pose, depicting a yoga pose focuses attention on curved, intertwined lines.


Using black in the paintings against particularly light backgrounds makes the contrast between reality and abstraction even more important. Bright colors are able to alleviate the strong emotional impact of the works, creating a balance between disquiet and serenity. 

Céline’s new project : The Desire Machine 

Relationships can ignite like wildfire, but the ones with those who know us better than we know ourselves are the ones that have passed the test of time. These unions may have gone through various stages, often in and out of romantic periods until the relationship matures and finds its rightful configuration. Upon visiting home, it was one such 28 year friendship that led to Céline notice what was missing in her life. A week long series of conversations about intimacy and comfort gave birth to the concept for The Desire Machine.

Small gestures are the basis of healthy relationship building. Céline’s project explores these sensory moments through a series of lifecasts of arms, hands and legs. In addition to connecting during the modelling process, she wants to reach the viewer by inviting them to touch the final works, thus creating a psychological and physical bond.

The Desire Machine project has taken on deeper meaning. It was planned, but had not yet been carried out when the friend who helped conceive it died suddenly. Céline sees this as the perfect time to honour their unique bond. Taking it from concept to physical form is her way of saying thank you for all he taught, and continues to teach, her about life. 

Céline is currently looking for couples to cast. 

written by Emma Arrivati

You can find the latest on what Céline is doing on her website, instagram and as one of our International Residents at our upcoming exhibitions.

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